Mission Statement


The purpose of this website and our company is to:


  1. Offer homeowners a high quality water softener, drinking water system, or any other water treatment product at a significantly lower price than other water treatment dealers.
  2. Offer homeowners professional installation for our water treatment products.
  3. Offer homeowners filters, parts, and maintenance for our water treatment products.


Today, homeowners have 2 choices when it comes to addressing thier water quality concerns.  They are:


  1. Purchase from a big box store for an extremely low price and get an imported system with a 1-year warranty.  We call these systems throw-away systems because usually when repairs are needed the costs rise so closely to the cost of just purchasing a new system that the homeowner will almost always elect to just purchase a whole new system.  Therefore many parts are not even stocked in the United States.
  2. Purchase from a high-end retail water treatment dealer and pay a high-end price.


Water Softener Pros approach to water treatment is simple.  First, we will not descend to offering 1 year warranty systems to our customers becasue it simply is not worth it for us or them. Homeowners don't like paying trip charges to have thier systems serviced and Water Softener Pros does not like continually working on and repairing these systems either.  So we ask ourselves, "How can we offer high-end, USA made water softeners and other water treatment systems and the most affordable price possible and also offer top-notch customer service as well?"  The answer is to cut out every unnecessary expense to Water Softener Pros so that we do not have to pass those costs onto our customers.  We therefore did eveything that we could to only pass on the costs of the system itself and the cost of installtion to the customer.  Water Softener Pros:


  • Does not own and pay for a large building
  • Does not have any high-paid salesmen
  • Does not install cheap systems so we don't keep or pay for a crew of service technitions
  • Does not pay high prices for printed advertising (except occasionally)
  • Does not pay for the high costs of insurances for a fleet of vehicles or a building
  • Does not pay a secretary to answer phones


Water Softener Pros is a family owned business, we take our own phone calls and we install our own systems.  All we need to install a high-quallity system into your home is ourselves, our service vans, and your home.  Everything else listed above we will not make you pay for because we don't have to pay for it either.  Because we only install high-quality systems, they just simply work for years and years on end, so all we need to do is keep a few employees to take care of simple filter changes and maintenance.


This simple plan has worked for thousands of our customers and also saved them thousands of dollars as well.  If it works for you too, then lets to business!!


Thank you,

Water Softener Pros!!