FS-2000 FilterSoft Whole House Combo System 4-6 People

Product Code: FS-2000
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  • Typically Services 4-6 People
  • Softener Capacity - 48,000 Grains
  • Filter Capacity - 1.5 CUFT
  • Uses  Potassium or Salt
  • Filters Sediment, Chlorine, Chloramines, Bad Tastes, and Odors from your Water as Well as Softens
  • No need for Revese Osmosis Drinking Water System or Maintenance if Postassium is Used
  • Proportional On Demand Regeneration
  • 1.5 CUFT Large Bead Resin
  • Underbedding to Eliminate Channeling
  • PreFill Brining to Eliminate Salt Bridging
  • Safety Brine Float
  • 1" Bypass Valve
  • Premium USA Made Digital Custom Control Valve
  • Polyglass Mineral Tank
  • 15 Year Warranty on all Parts
  • 28 GPM Flowrate Capacity
  • Extremely Low Salt Usage
  • Space Required: 14" x 36 x 61"



Water Softener Pros exclusive “FilterSoft” is a multimedia system meaning we add more than just resin beads to the softener. With a proprietary blend of three different medias we are able to effectively remove sediment, chlorine, and hardness from the water with one system. The filtersoft actually removes the hardness from your water and provides drinking water to every faucet throughout the whole house. Our customers love it!



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