Microline 4- Stage 50 Gallon/Day Reverse Osmosis System

Product Code: RO-SLIM
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Designed for kitchen sink cabinets with not very much space.  Unique USA design allows for 3 connection points to reduce the possibility of leaks

•1st Stage removes sediments down to 5 microns. First line of protection for the whole system and extends the life of the membrane.
•2nd Stage  10 Micron Carbon Filter removes chlorine, odors, cloudiness, colors, VOCs and other chemicals. Also guarantees that chlorine does not get to the membrane which destroys it.
•3rd Stage TFC membrane, the heart of the reverse osmosis system,  removes arsenic, bacteria, chlorine, lead, fluoride, chromium, radium and more from the water.  Water is then stored in the tank.
•4th Stage Coconut Shell Polishing Carbon 10 inch filter filters odors and tastes from the water one last time just before the water goes into your glass to drink
•Auto Shut-Off Valve shuts off the system automatically when tank is full.
•Excellent for City Water or Well Water.  A Softener is highly recommended to pre-treat the water for maxium filter life.
•Easy to install and maintain.
•Purified water every bit as good as bottled water you can buy for approx .025 cents per gallon - right in your home..

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