Pura 75C Optimus Cabinet Series Water Softener

Product Code: Optimus-75C
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  • Features: Pura Optimus Intelligent electronic control:
  • Simple electronics. No confusing codes or symbols!
  • Rotating performance information display!
  • Adjustable cycles for peak efficiency!
  • Uses 78% less salt and  77% less water than conventional water softeners
  • High-efficiency fine mesh cation resin
  • High quality injection and blow molded cabinet
  • Push release hinged salt lid for easy salt refill
  • Brine safety valve provides additional overflow protection
    Specifications Pura Optimus-75C
    Maximum Hardness Removal 24,180 grains
    Factory Settings-High Efficiency
    Salt Used 2.1 lbs
    Water Usage 11.7 gal
    System Capacity 11,800 grains
    High Capacity Settings
    Salt Used 3.7 lbs
    Regeneration Water Used 21.4 gal
    System Capicity 18,000 grains
    High Capicity Resin 0.7 cubic feet
    Coconut Activated Carbon No
    Integrated Meter in Bypass Yes
    Plumbing Connections ¾" or 1"
    Flow Rate @ 15 psi Pressure Drop 10.2 gpm
    Salt Storage Capicity 120 lbs
    Shipping Weight 68.3 lb
    Maximum Efficiency 5,600 grains /lb salt
    Electrical Requirements 120V 50/60 Hz
    Maximum Water Temperature 100 degrees Fahrenheit
    Water Pressure min. 20 - max. 125 psi
    Height 35"
    Foot Print 13" wide x 18" deep


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