Aqua Flo GENH5-15 Residential Crossover High Flow Systems

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  • Colour user interface with full diagnostics and warnings including QR codes
  • "Future-Proof" expandability port for future upgrades and options
  • Axial flow, 316L stainless steel reactor, polished reactors with integral sensor port to allow for sensor upgradeability in the future (comes standard with visual glow plug)
  • Designed & manufactored to ASME pressure vessel standards
  • Flow rates stated at 95% UVT at dose of 30mJ/cm2
  • User friendly bayonet style lamp connector (Quick ¼ turn removal. No extra tools required.)
  • True gland seal retaining nut with positive stop
  • Reliable, industry proven low pressure, high-output (LP-HO) coated UV lamps with ceramic bases for durability and a 10,000 hour life
  • Universal input, constant current electronic controller (one controller for all systems) in a splash-proof case
  • Warranty (refer to Owner's Manual for complete details including conditions & exclusions):
  •    Reactor Chamber - Tetn (10) Year Limited
  •    Electronics - Three (3) Year Limited
  •    UV Lamps - One (1) Year Limited
  •    Quartz Sleeves - One (1) Year Limited
    AQUA FLO GEN H-5-15, Residential Crossover UV systems, non-monitored

    Flow Rate

    (Industry Standard)

    14 GPM

    53 lpm

    3.2 m³/hr.

    Alternate flow @ 16 mJ/cm²

    (US Public Heath)

    27 GPM²

    102.2 lpm

    6.1 m³/hr.

    Alternate flow @ 40 mJ/cm²


    11 GPM

    41 lpm

    2.5 m³/hr.

    Port Size 1" MNPT
    Electrical                     90-265V/50-60Hz. (IEC power cords required)
    Power Plug               North American, NEMA 5-15, 3-wire for all 110V
    Lamp Watts 45
    Power (watts) 57 (48 @ 230V.)
    Replacement Lamp RL-420H0
    Replacement Sleeve RQ-420
    Reactor Dimensions

    3.5 x 20.0"

    (8.9 x 50.8 cm)

    Chamber Material     316L Stainless Steel, A249 Pressure Rated Tubing, Polished & Passivated
    Controller Dimension                 8.6 x 4.2 x 3.5"  (217.4 x 107.5 x 88.7 mm)
    Operating Pressure                     0.7-10.3 bar  (10-150 psi)
    Optimum Water Temperature             2-40ºC  (36-104ºF)
    UV Monitor Port (upgradeability)     Yes, includes visual glow plug
    Solenoid Output                           Yes, but requires optional solenoid module
    4-20 mA Output                            Yes, but requires optional 4-20 mA module
    Lamp Change Reminder (audible & visual)                 Yes
    Lamp-Out Indicator (audible & visual)                      Yes
    Shipping Weight

    6.0 kg.  (13.2 lbs.)

    6 kg.  (13 lbs.) cubed


    1. based on flow velocity of 8.2 ft/sec (2.5 m/sec.), flow rate limited to 13.6gpm (50 lpm) (3.1 m3/hr.) for ¾" port
    2. based on flow velocity of 8.2 ft/sec (2.5 m/sec.), flow rate limited to 22.1gpm (84 lpm) (5.0 m³/hr.) for 1" port
    3. based on flow velocity of 8.2 ft/sec (2.5 m/sec.), flow rate limited to 52gpm (197 lpm) (11.8 m³/hr.) for 1½" port
    Guidelines for Use
    Parameter Level
    Hardness  < 7 gpg (120 mg/L)
    Iron (Fe)  <0.3ppm (mg/L)
    Manganese (Mn)  < 0.05ppm (mg/L)
    Tannis  < 0.1ppm (mg/L)
    Turbidity  < 1 NTU
    Transmittance (UVT)  >75%


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